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Inner Core. [entries|friends|calendar]
Inner Core - A Sakurazawa Yasunori Community

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THE MADCAP LAUGHS [September 24, 2012]

Sakura has a new project: THE MADCAP LAUGHS. I assume they took their name from the Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) album of the same name>

Members are:
Vocal & Guitar: aie (deadman, the studs, the god and death stars, highfashionparalyze)
Vocal & Bass: kiyoshi (THE HUSKY, INSIDE ME, support for ALvino、森重樹一, and others)
Vocal & Drums: sakura

They have a video up from their live at Shinjuku LOFT 2012.09.11:
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new Zigzo PV [September 20, 2012]

Zigzo has released the video for their new song 「I'm in Love」

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Sakura's blog on MySpace [September 14, 2012]

Hello.. I just joined this community ^_^/

I like Sakura and respect him a lot (maybe I'm the only one who are still very sad when he left L'Arc ^^;;)
I want to ask is there anyone from this community member that save all Sakura's blog from his MySpace account and/or the translation? Or do you know where I can find it?
Because the last time I checked his account he already deleted it..

Thank you and nice to meet you all~
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Zigzo, Rayflower [July 23, 2012]

According to their site, Zigzo is releasing a new album in October:

・Day By Day
・アドレナリン ドライブ (Adrenaline Drive)
・I Cult You
・Medicine Man
・炎は青く揺れる (honoo wa aoku yureru)
・I’m in Love
・Hello, I Love You
他 全12曲

¥3,000(in tax) CRCP-40330 

They also have downloads (105 yen per song, 1575 yen per show) of all of their performances from their recent tour available; the show 6月30日(土) 東京新宿LOFT DAY2 “暗闇でサングラス” has seven new songs available (listed as 新曲(1) 新曲(2) etc.)

Rayflower talkingCollapse )
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[March 03, 2012]

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd pop in and mention that I'm selling a few ZIGZO Shounen Club issues over here if anyone might be interested.

Thank you!
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ZIGZO! [November 20, 2011]

According to Sakura's twitter, there will be a Zigzo revival 2012.03.17 at Akasaka Blitz. There's also a Zigzo facebook page and twitter.
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Research for unofficial album design [November 14, 2011]

I am a graphic design major in college. One of my current projects is to design a CD/album case for a band I knew nothing about when I started. I picked L'arc~en~Ciel without even knowing they were Japanese, and now I get to struggle through a language barrier.

I'm trying to learn all I can about the members of L'arc and their side projects, and it seems that no understanding of L'arc will be complete without also learning about Sakura-san.

I've seen the words 'inner core' tossed around regarding him. Does that refer to the role he played in L'arc's early years? I'm curious about how his departure from the band affected the rest of the band and the group as a whole.

I've looked at a lot of timelines on wikipedia, but wikis tend to be all cold facts, lacking in the emotions that make their events real to people.

If anyone is willing to chat a little about Sakura and/or the current L'arc~en~Ciel members, I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Thank you!
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CIRCUIT9 album promo clips [October 09, 2011]

There are a couple of clips on youtube promoting CIRCUIT9's upcoming album (the release date was moved to Oct 26). The video, at least, is from their show Sept 24.

videosCollapse )
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[September 21, 2011]

Official site: www.sakurazawayasunori.com, currently with information about his birthday show 2011/11/20“暗黒秋櫻” at shibuya O-WEST.

He will be playing with Piko for his dates in September and October (Piko blog, dates)

CIRCUIT9 comment for their album release show 9/24:
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Sakura and Circuit9 [August 29, 2011]

Sakura's been playing with CIRCUIT9 since May 2010 under the name 野田ゆたか (Yutaka Noda) and has recently confirmed that he is the drummer. He also produced their album that comes out next month (9/14, Under the Sun). The name Yutaka Noda comes from his mother: Noda was her maiden name and, as near as I can tell, the name Yutaka was changed to 園子 because she was a girl.

Their myspace has a few songs.


あらケン (ARAKEN, guitar), 満園庄太郎 (Shotaro Mitsuzono, bass), 穐田哲也 (Tetsuya Akita, vocals), 野田ゆたか (Yutaka Noda, aka Sakura, drums)

group picturesCollapse )
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random news [July 03, 2011]

There will be a large group of people playing at the Koenji Showboat on July 17, including Sakura (no Lion Heads this year)

Ryo and Den have a show Chain the Rock TV; Sakura was their guest on 6/21:
http://www.odoroku.tv/vod/00000420F/index.html (requires Windows Media Player)

BY-SEX (Ryo, Den, Sakura) will release a Mini-album "Ago" on 8/17 and will be playing at Chain the Rock Festival on 8/19

He played three dates with Tetsu Takano in May.

He has been playing with Creature Creature; they have four dates in September listed as the Live DVD Release Tour:

He mentioned the Rayflower Net Radio; I would think he participated, but I haven't listened to it.
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Zigzo - The First Scene [July 22, 2010]

I ripped this a while back, but never got around to posting it here.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The First Scene (split with hjsplit)

song listCollapse )
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[February 13, 2010]

Sakura's on facebook now... for some reason.
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Sakura fans, halp! [June 16, 2009]

Creature Creature was on the radio and net for Nacks Beat Shuffle. there are two videos you can (in theory) view here: beat shuffle movie page. there's the Jam and Talk videos.

problem is, though, i can't play either on my computer, and i can't save either. any chance anyone here can save these files and upload them?? i, and i'm sure a number of other fans, would be eternally grateful!!

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Creature Creature [March 03, 2009]

[ mood | overjoyed ]

Sakura is going to be drumming for Creature Creature in June, along with bassist Hitoki (!!!!) and guitarist Hiro.

The announcement in Creature Creature's blog (and again in Sakura's blog)

Hopefully they play together more than just these shows, because this is the most exciting thing I've heard in so long.

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new sakura video! [February 09, 2009]

[ mood | excited ]

Sakura has posted a new video of himself playing the drums for Space Filters, from last month. it's on his myspace profile, or you can view it here:


or you can download it here, flv format:


if you have a myspace, you should comment to him at this post so he'll know how amazing and awesome and fabulous he is, and hopefully encourage more video posting. ^_~

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New myspace for translations [December 20, 2008]


Well... here is the adress of the new house for sakura's blog translations...


Is a myspace dedicated to sakura's translations.... so If you have myspace enter now and read the translations ^^!!

Greetings to all the sakura fans! :D

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Happy Birthday Sakura [November 20, 2008]

[ mood | happy ]

I know that is a little late because in Japan is already november 21th xDDD!
but here, in america is still november 20 ^^!
Sakura's birthday! *^*!

My best wishes for him.
He wrote today a blog entry but is in japanse so I don't understand too much but!
I think he talk about his mother... because this is the first year that Sakura doesn't have his mother next to him u.ú!

So... Happy birthday Sakura!!! Keep being that special person!! ^^

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Sakura Icons - [November 11, 2008]

*Subject: Sakura
*Credit: vickienash (Credit is a must)
*Photo Resource: Photo Bucket & Google search

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Every new beginning is also an ending...Collapse )
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Sakura's myspace blog [September 02, 2008]

My first post here n///n My english is not good.. but... I hope you understand!

As all we know, Sakura publishes several things on his myspace blog.
But he writes in Japanese... and at least I don't understand anything jaaja

The good news is that a girl from Hong Kong is  translating Sakura's blog entry!!

(This is the adress http://www.myspace.com/arcofthesky)

Check this!!!:

8-21-2008 Getting up

I got up from bed just now.
Good morning.
As I'm going to the Drum School tomorrow, I wanted to make myself get used to "sleep at night and get up early in the morning" routine. But I failed.
Starting from tomorrow, I'm going to teach people drumming for 3 days. Therefore I've taken a look on various textbooks. In fact, my drum play has not been influenced by textbooks much. But still I've made myself a professional drummer…
Undoubtedly, experience is a great teaching material. 
As I was thinking of revising stuff about acoustics and sound waves, I found my physics reference books.
Physics is one of my favorite subjects when I was still a school kid.
I've forgotten most of the formulae though.
Well, those are reference books for University entrance exam you know.
I'm going to read these books for a little longer.
I hope I can study these stuff again when I have time.
And I still haven't finished packing for the trip.

8-22-2008  Bedtime

Nah, I still haven't finished packing for the trip.
Tomorrow (or Today, to be accurate) morning, the staff will come to pick me up. As I can buy all the necessities when I get there, there's no need to bring much. The Olympics is going to end during my drum school trip. Oh, summer is near the end as well.
Ah, by the way, this summer I've been to Okinawa. SID invited me to go there during their tour in order to thank me for my long time hard work with the band.
I did work hard as a live staff you know.
Maybe I should pack when I wake up tomorrow...
I will be staying there for 3 nights, so I should bring 3 underpants.
In short, I call it 3pant... (?)

More in http://www.myspace.com/arcofthesky  


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